happiness is not a potato

Well, everything’s in a good train. We’re about halfway done with attendee badges — they’re printed on Dymo labels which go on cardstock, and that’s done, but now they all need to go in little plastic holders

I’m really pleased with our registration numbers; we have over 50% fewer unregistered panelists than last year, which means we won’t be lighting up the credit card machines as badly — makes my job a lot easier

I don’t think that’ll necessarily translate into fewer no-shows, but we’ll see

this location is kind of annoying because it’s in a certain kind of fun, hip, vibrant part of town, the kind where there’s a ton of museums and restaurants and cute touristy shops but nowhere to buy, like, office supplies

the kind of city environment beloved by visitor’s bureaus and other sorts of people who use the word “vibrant,” where convenience stores and gas stations can’t afford the rent so what you get is a jumped-up Hudson News-type place with even higher prices and then nothing else useful for like a mile around

like, I’m sure the tourists love it and all but fuck them, why isn’t there a 24-hour drugstore or a bodega or something within walking distance, that is what city living is for.

me: im adorable like im literally the cutest person in every room i walk into
me 4 seconds later: behold the trash lord


short version: hit ground to find that our boss most likely won’t be able to make it to the conference at all but certainly not at the anticipated time, and that he had been planning to bring an extremely vital component of the badges whose manufacture is the entire reason I’m here early, so we weren’t going to get them anywhere near on time

we’ve ordered replacements which is going to cost extra but it’s really the only way I can get started in anything like good time

the good news is that at all previous conferences he’s been off doing 99 other things anyway so we’ve always had to run things without him and we’re going to be fine

but wasn’t I just saying I never know what’s going to go wrong? well, this is one we had sort of foreseen as a possibility, at least, and we’re as prepared as we really can be for that sort of thing




i live across the street from an abandoned school and the bells still work and they ring at midnight and at noon isn’t that weird




I was re-reading Jaws and found something interesting.

twas foretold



I was re-reading Jaws and found something interesting.

twas foretold



don’t be a little shit to me on tinder

"Don’t be a slut! Just tell me about your tits already!"

"You really care about this little club, huh?"



Wowww… video here

"Take [these offenders] off the field! Because you know what, as a man, that’s the only thing we respect. We don’t respect no women we don’t respect no kids… take them off the field! Because we respect that.”

one thing I think about people who face oppression is that we’re accustomed to having the worst possible interpretations put on our words and actions

(and all the self-monitoring that goes with knowing people will assume the worst of us and generalize that assumption to our group — in my case, for example, trying to have arguments without showing any emotion whatsoever for fear I’ll be dismissed as a hysterical bitch)

and I think when we go ahead and put the worst possible interpretations on the words and actions of people in the oppressing group, which we tend to do when we’re fed up with that group’s shit as a whole, it’s just not something they’re used to dealing with and they’re shocked at the unfairness

like yeah, it’s probably not fair in some specific cases, but it’s not like we get a whole lot of fairness as a rule so we’re easily annoyed sometimes


Look at these little dudes strutting along! they are doing that inside you! I am going to try to remember that these little meeps are blooping along the threads inside me the next time I am very sad.