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i’m sorry, chelsea fagan, but when you write that “’misandry’ has become a cute term to express one’s disgust for the patriarchy” and that “it wouldn’t be shocking to see a 16-year-old white girl’s Tumblr with a picture of her holding a heart-shaped card emblazoned with “I Love Misandry” and surrounded by sparkles” because the whole concept is “cute, and it’s harmless,” you effectively trivialize teenage girls as a category (who get shit on enough, and no, adding ‘white’ to your description doesn’t make it better) as well as the particular and collective experiences of women who have suffered material, physical, emotional, and psychic harm from patriarchy as a structural oppression and men as both individuals and as a category, who utilize individual and collective hatred of men as a means of daily coping, of friendship and bonding, and of resistance.  blindness to intersectionality isn’t the fault of “misandry”; it’s the fault of shitty feminists, period.

this also brings me back to the idea of “cuteness” as an aesthetic category, and how aesthetics are too often seen as being distinct from politics/political categories. if, as sianne ngai writes, judging something to be “cute” is to aestheticize its powerlessness, to name it as feminine and harmless and somewhat damaged, dismissing misandry as merely “cute” is an attempt at emptying the term of its potential power, of depoliticizing it, of reducing it to a matter of taste and of possessing cultural & social capital in certain rarified circles.  yet, at the same time, because cutting off aesthetics from politics and power is difficult (if not an utter impossibility), “cute” misandry isn’t necessarily harmless. it makes its own demands and grounds particular affects and affective spaces/figures (think of the linkages that can be made between misandry and the feminist killjoy, for example).  hating men isn’t a neat aesthetic choice; it can be a survival tactic, a mode of insurgency, and a means of forming new kinship networks (among other things), all of which have material effects as well.  turning misandry into a positive political project with teleological aims, rather than as a driving force toward particular projects, poses challenges, but then again, i don’t think that misandry needs to have Goals and Objectives in order to engage in power struggles and cultural insurgency.

ALSO i think it’s pretty fucking gross to see a privileged white girl synthesize the sentiments of WOC bloggers who have written on this topic, post it on thought catalog without giving credit where credit is due, and pretend that her thoughts are super-special and unique while racking up the props and page hits.  no thanks.

I want my misandry to be sparkly and adorable as fuck and I want teenage girls to hate men early and often and together

how many of the problems with young white feminists could be aided by letting them know it’s not only okay, but great, to hate men

if girls stopped paying attention to what men think and want and started centering their feminist discourse on other girls and women at age 13 or 14, how much crap could we avoid

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    i was trying to find this post because it really summed up why chelsea fagan’s article made me so uncomfortable!
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