happiness is not a potato






The land of social injustice: If you a Poc who is doing everything to uphold White supremacy.



Do not expect me to call you or treat you like you a Poc.

Poc is an unifying term. If you don’t want to be one of us. If you think you better than the rest of us.

Then, fuck you, I’m calling you White. And treating you like a White racist.

Do not expect anyone to respect your identity when you are being the oppressor.

All I got out of this is;

“stop disagreeing with me”

“PoC = good, white = bad”

“If you disagree with me, you’re a racist.”

It’s starting to look to me like you’re the one guilty of bigotry :\

Plain and simple. The OP is racist and a horrible person. 

I love this idea that BW should keep people around them who hate them and treat them like shit.

I love this idea that if a POC throws other POC under the bus we’re going to welcome them with open arms and grant them white privilege

spoiler warning: we won’t

Nope. They is yours now.


Get back here! We have enough racist white people, we don’t need honorary racist white people!

… I’m yelling at a cartoon puff of smoke, aren’t I.

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    The term POC IS racist , as poc is used to refer to everyone not considered white .
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