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If you were a computer-loving male child who took a lot of shit from your peers, I suspect you heard something similar from the adults in your life. Maybe it was “Sure, things are bad now, but when you’re a little bit older, women will LOVE guys like you!” Or maybe it was “That kid who makes fun of you now will be working at a gas station when you run a big fancy computer company and marry a supermodel!” If you were once young, nerdy and male, it is not unlikely that your future sense of self-worth was funded with a non-consensual IOU from the world’s women. It’s taken me a long time, but at this point I genuinely believe that much of this “GEEKS SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH” rhetoric is little more than patriarchy’s bespectacled wingman. It excuses the pain that systems of power exert on children by promising little boys future dominion over little girls. It is deeply and massively fucked.

What (Else) Can Men Do? Grow The Fuck Up. — Medium (via imamandanelson)

oh my god this…

It’s taken me a long time, but at this point I genuinely believe that much of this “GEEKS SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH” rhetoric is little more than patriarchy’s bespectacled wingman.

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Are computer-loving female children fed these same lines? Are they told “SOME DAY YOU WILL HAVE ALL THE MONEY AND POWERS AND MEN WILL FLOCK TO YOU LIKE AUTONOMY-DEPRIVED MAN-ZOMBIES?” If you insist that the presence of enough computers magically transforms the world into a meritocracy, you might want to think about that one for a second.

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love the classism there too like “someday you will be better than those other people because you will have more money and a ‘real’ job” like hooray that’s not toxic AT ALL

and it adds an extra layer of sexism because lol women are gold-diggers amirite, that’s all you need to attract women, is a fat paycheck — not, you know, personal merits of some kind beyond a marketable skill (not that a good work ethic isn’t a desirable trait in a partner but that can’t be all you’ve got)

male entitlement becomes more explicable — NOT more excusable, but easier to understand — when we look at how many promises of this kind are made. “if you just do x y and z then you will get women” oh well no wonder you’re mad, you did x y and z and the women aren’t falling at your doorstep, it’s still your fault you didn’t figure out we’re people at some point but it’s not like you were encouraged to learn that

though some men manage somehow so I sure don’t feel sorry for your whiny ass

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